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Quarterly Economic Report: Personal Income in Maine

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MDF and the University of Maine are pleased to present our second Quarterly Economic Report, Personal Income in Maine.  This series of quarterly reports further explores the economic indicators in Measures of Growth In Focus, a reliable and trusted annual report issued by the Maine Economic Growth Council.

Personal income is a critical measurement of economic prosperity and speaks to the productivity of Maine’s economy.  The latest available data shows that Maine’s per capita personal income has grown, but our national rank has not improved.  Based on the latest available data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, in 2011, earnings and investment income accounted for a smaller percentage of total personal income in Maine than nationally, while income from transfer payments represented a higher proportion. There are also pronounced differences among Maine counties in the relative proportion of income from earnings, investments, and transfer payments.  This report explores the impacts of each of these sources on Maine’s economy and the related policy implications.



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