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Maine Development Foundation


Making Maine Work: Investment in Young Children = Real Economic Development

A joint project between the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and the Maine Development Foundation

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This report makes a compelling case for Maine to invest in high quality early childhood development as a lead economic development strategy for the state. This is the third installation in the series and it continues to build upon a broader analysis of the economy released in July 2010, Making Maine Work - Critical Investments for the Maine Economy, a comprehensive action plan for improving productivity, growing the economy and providing a higher quality of life for all Maine people.

The original report and recommendations, a joint effort between the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and the Maine Development Foundation, explored the investments needed to grow the economy and the factors that influence those decisions. Along with Making Maine Work, MDF published Investment Imperative II, an in-depth review of several hundred reports and recommendations on key issues influencing investments in Maine as well as a third report summarizing the findings from a survey with over 1,000 Maine business leaders.



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