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Making Maine Work: Growing Maine's Workforce

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Since 2010, the Maine Development Foundation and the Maine State Chamber of Commerce have partnered on research efforts to identify the investments and policies that are needed to support long-term economic growth in the state. This work was used to create strategic action plans, with a list of focused attainable recommendations.  

This fourth report in our “Making Maine Work” series is about one aspect of the workforce problem – the size of the workforce.  It is theoretically distinct from the issue of workforce skills, which will be the subject of the next “Making Maine Work” report (to be released in the spring of 2014).  “Making Maine Work: Growing Maine’s Workforce” discusses the correlation between workforce quantity and quality as a critical factor in Maine’s economy.  “Making Maine Work: Growing Maine’s Workforce” also examines the economic implications that the size of Maine’s workforce in the face of a declining population will have on our state, and offers a comprehensive strategy for growing Maine’s workforce by 65,000 by the year 2020.



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