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Press Release

Maine Development Foundation and Unity Foundation Partnership


August 8th, 2016

Lori Roming
The Unity Foundation is loaning their current research and program officer, Lori Roming, to MDF to serve as their interim director of operations. MDF

The Maine Development Foundation (MDF) and Unity Foundation (UF) have announced a new partnership that is designed to support MDF during a period of transition. As part of the relationship, the Unity Foundation is loaning their current research and program officer, Lori Roming, to MDF to serve as their interim director of operations.
Roming will be compensated by Unity Foundation while working for MDF as a loaned executive to support the nonprofit organization. Roming's experience at UF and her wide range of skills will allow MDF the time and resources to hire new staff during a period of transition. Roming will be managing and strategically improving operations and administration. She will be primarily devoting her time, initially, to oversight of MDF's operations, finances and program support. 

"This is an exciting and creative partnership that demonstrates the Unity Foundation's great commitment to economic and community vitality. We have tremendous confidence in and regard for the leadership and staff at UF and we look forward to working closely with Lori during the months ahead," said MDF President & CEO Yellow Light Breen.

Roming joining the MDF staff will provide support for MDF's economic strategy and development during the early tenure of new MDF CEO Yellow Light Breen. It also provides MDF time and resources to build an even stronger staff and improve systems to drive high-impact initiatives.

Roming will also continue her duties as research and program officer at UF, providing ongoing support for important programs and functions. Roming has worked at UF for more than 15 years. The arrangement for Roming to be a part of the MDF staff will continue through year-end 2016 and possibly beyond, if needed.

The loaned position is a partnership in line with the mission of the Unity Foundation to support mission-driven nonprofits in Maine through capacity-building initiatives, organizational assessment, programmatic grant making and nonprofit management education.

"We want to support the Maine Development Foundation and all the great work that they do across the state. The organization is an important institution and we see this as an opportunity for us to support the growth of their staff and build valuable relationships with Yellow and his team," said UF Chair and CEO Larry Sterrs. 

About the Maine Development Foundation (MDF):
The Maine Development Foundation (MDF) is a private, non-partisan membership organization that provides leadership, trusted research, and creative partnerships to enable Maine business, community and policy leaders to drive Maine's long-term economic growth. Created in statute in 1978, the nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation works statewide across all sectors. MDF includes more than 250 statewide members including business people, educators, government officials and community leaders that are passionate about Maine's economy. MDF provides a common ground for leaders to discuss and act on issues affecting Maine's economy. Learn more at 

About Unity Foundation (UF):
The Unity Foundation was founded in 2000 by Bert and Coral Clifford, long-time Unity, Maine residents, dedicated to improving the viability of their town. The Cliffords were firm believers in providing incentives and support for economic development and civic improvement. They encouraged community stakeholders to invest in and maintain local playing fields, education, arts and culture organizations and business infrastructure - all of which continue to enhance life in Unity. The Unity Foundation invests in building the capacity of nonprofits that serve both local Maine communities and statewide needs. Learn more at

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