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Maine Development Foundation

Policy Leaders Academy

Experiential Training for Maine's Legislators

Policy Leaders Academy is a non-partisan educational program of the Maine Development Foundation for Maine Legislators on the Maine economy. This program has delivered high quality, objective and non-partisan experiential training to legislators since 1985. The program is open and free for all Maine Legislators.

Program participants learn about the fundamentals of the Maine economy and the factors that drive long-term growth. Participants learn how their public policy decisions affect the growth and investment strategies of Maine’s for-profit businesses and organizations. They learn this by interacting directly with business, non-profit, education and community leaders throughout Maine.

Policy Leaders Academy is a program of the Maine Development Foundation, with strong financial and personnel support from several prominent Maine Foundations and Organizations committed to a prosperous and thriving state.

Our partners include:
• Maine Legislative Council
• Maine Chamber of Commerce
• University of Maine
• Maine Community Foundation
• Maine Health Access Foundation
• Educate Maine

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Policy Leaders Academy


Mike Higgins

Phone 207-622-6345

“I don’t think there is anything of greater value that incoming legislators can do than to visit around the state and get a sense of the pulse of our current situation through direct contact with a variety of individuals and businesses.”

- Senator Chris Rector, (R), Thomaston


“The tours are so valuable for both bonding with other legislators and all the insights we are given into the various industries, infrastructures, not-for-profits, and educational institutions that work together in the state.”

- Representative Linda Sanborn (D), Gorham



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