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Mainer's Personal Income Detailed in New Report



October 17th, 2013

The state is more reliant than many on private pension and government welfare payments for its income

(Augusta, Maine) Mainer's personal income in 2011 was $38,299. The Maine Development Foundation and the University of Maine's Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center has taken a look behind that number.

The Development Foundation's Ryan Neale says personal income of Mainers grew from 2010 to 2011, "But we're still ranked at number 29 nationally. So, we're not making progress relative to the rest of the country. And we do know, from the data we're looking at in the report that earnings and investment income account for a smaller proportion of our total income in Maine, than they do nationally." Instead, the new report says, Mainers were more reliant on so-called transfer payments: private or public pensions, or government welfare programs.

Geography also mattered, according to Neale, ""In general, were seeing the highest per capita personal income in what we call the coastal, more southern counties." he said. "Cumberland, York, places like that are doing well in overall, per capital income. And some of the more rural, the "rim counties" as they're referred to, are lagging in the per capita personal income." The 2011 data is the latest compiled by the federal government. Neale says the 2012 data should be available by early next year.

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