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Spurred by several paper mill closures, Maine’s Congressional delegation contacted the U.S. Department of Commerce with a request for assistance for Maine’s forest product industry.

In August 2016, members of a federal Economic Development Assessment Team (EDAT) began the process of understanding the opportunities and challenges facing the state’s forest economy. Together with forest economy stakeholders and community leaders, the group (about 40 in all) traveled by bus to communities in Penobscot, Somerset, Hancock and Piscataquis Counties to visit forest-product businesses, research facilities, and affected communities and to participate in roundtable meetings with industry and community leaders.  

The trip provided valuable information and insight into all aspects of the forest economy. The tour included woodlots and wood yards, paper mills and saw mills, biomass plants and composites research facilities. Stakeholders from around the state, including Northern, Western and Downeast Maine, joined the group for discussions about industry and community priorities.

The federal EDAT report will contain resources and recommendations to help move the Maine forest economy forward. 

The Maine Forest Economy Growth Initiative <link to Initiative> will incorporate the EDAT report into our efforts over the next three years.

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