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Measures of Growth 2018 Update

The Measures of Growth 2018 Update focuses on 26 key indicators of Maine’s economic performance and tracks our progress toward the Maine Economic Growth Council’s vision of a high quality of life for all Maine people. It was produced by Maine Development Foundation in lieu of the regular, full annual report.

It is intended to serve as a guide to policymakers at all levels, a tool to help them focus their efforts, and a way to understand the connections between and among the major issues affecting the economy and well-being of Maine people. While reliable data is frequently only available at the state level, we must be mindful of the disparities, at times significant, which exist within our state.

Click on the image to the right for a printable version of the Measures of Growth 2018 Update one-page summary which highlights eight indicators identified in 2017:

Three “Gold Star” indicators where Maine is seeing exceptional performance and can capitalize on

Five “Red Flag” indicators where Maine faces consistent challenges that we need to address

Information on all 26 indicators is organized into four broad categories: Fundamental Performance, Economy, Community and Environment. By clicking the category box below, you can find detailed baseline and progress information for each of the 26 indicators.


Click on the image to the right for a printable version of the full Measures of Growth2018 Update Packet which includes the one-page summary and PDFs of all 26 indicators.


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